east africa crisis appeal Updates

Hami at a new well built by World Vision using DEC East Africa Appeal funds
Ethiopia: DEC member World Vision has been using funds from the 2011 East Africa Crisis Appeal to provide clean water and nutritional support to people in South Omo.
Islamic Relief disaster protection is helping people like Abdi Tifow Bare
Kenya: DEC member Islamic Relief has been using funds from the 2011 East Africa appeal to ensure that people affected by drought can cope better in future.
10 yr old Daki uses a DEC funded well built by Tearfund in southern Ethiopia.
Ethiopia: DEC member agency Tearfund working with local partners using appeal funds to build wells providing safe drinking water for 13,500 people.
Shukri Chellei, Didmega village elder, Age International Ethiopia project
Ethiopia: DEC member agency Age International is supporting vulnerable older people with cash grants and food items using East Africa appeal funds in Borena.
Selete Bakasa's child received medical treatment from DEC member Merlin
Ethiopia: DEC member Merlin is providing critical medical treatment to local communities affected by the 2011 drought and making a real impact.
DEC funded water Well project by Tearfund partner Water is Life, Ethiopia
Ethiopia: New DEC CEO Saleh Saeed writes about his trip to Ethiopia, where he saw DEC funded work by our members Merlin, Age International and Tearfund.
Cattle drinking from a run off from the well
Wajir: Clive Jones, Chairman of DEC, reflects on his recent trip to north Kenya where he visited a project in Wajir to see the difference safe water can make for a local community.
6  month old baby Umi, alive due to therapeutic feeding treatment.
East Africa: 6 months on from the food crisis which resulted in famine in parts of Somalia DEC members are using the funds raised to help people in most need.
DEC Chair Clive Jones with Malaika Issack
Somalia: DEC Chair Clive Jones visited Mogadishu to meet with aid workers and see first hand the current relief work in the conflict troubled capital.
DEC funded well providing clean water to roughly 720 people in Kukale Village
Kenya: DEC Chair Clive Jones and Brendan Paddy are visiting East Africa to take a first hand look at DEC funded aid work being delivered by our member agencies.