UK public donate £57m for East Africa Crisis


Appeal one of the most generously supported in DEC history after just seven weeks.

Brendan Paddy DEC Communications Manager

Brendan Paddy 
Communications Manager

The DEC has announced today that the East Africa Crisis Appeal has raised £57m in the seven weeks since it was launched on 8 July.

The continuing generosity of the UK public is however in sharp contrast to the response of some foreign governments.  The UN emergency appeal for Kenya is only 65% funded and the appeal for Somalia just 59% funded.  The DEC and many of our member agencies are seriously concerned that this lack of international funding will contribute to preventable deaths and a lack of action to protect people from future crises.

The DEC East Africa Crisis Appeal will remain open until the end of the year but it is already one of the most generously supported in our history.  We usually try to avoid making direct comparisons between disasters - each one is different and for those affected their suffering is always incomparable.  We also prefer not to compare giving levels between appeals because we take the view that all giving is generous and should be welcomed unreservedly.

To help others who do wish to make comparisons, we are publishing below for the first time a list of the DEC appeals that have raised the largest sums.

Donations to the East Africa Appeal can be made here and if you’re interested in organising an event our fundraising page has some ideas and helpful materials.


Launch Date


Tsunami Earthquake



Haiti Earthquake



Pakistan Floods



Asia Quake



East Africa Crisis



Kosovo Crisis



Rwanda Emergency



Sudan Emergency



Mozambique Floods



Niger Crisis



* Seven weeks into an appeal that will remain open for six months.


Angajari Modele

Posted at 01.08 am on 23/09/11

that is a very good campaign. And Africa need now our help, so your campaign will help them a lot.

brendan from DEC

Posted at 08.47 am on 24/09/11

Thanks Angajari

Amatsiko organisation- Uganda

Posted at 12.39 pm on 24/11/11

thanks for such campaigns and we would like to be part of this.

we work with a charity in Uganda and would be grear to know how these children in the project can be helped.

Leon from DEC

Posted at 02.41 pm on 24/11/11

Hi Amatsiko Organisation,

Our work is disaster response fundraising and the current appeal focuses on Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. The money raised is then allocated to our member agencies which deliver aid directly and through local partners.

We don't fund local projects or our members partners directly, instead we rely on our member agencies working locally to target resources. We would suggest making contact with our members directly to gain more info into any work they or partners are currently doing in Uganda. There's a page which give you more info on them and links to their sites here:

Hope that's all useful!

Many thanks,


Amatsiko Organisation

Posted at 04.30 pm on 21/12/11

Thanks for your response and im really glad for your compassionate heart towards the well being of Afican children.

We are glad to have such caring people.

God bless you,

toby.and tess

Posted at 03.11 pm on 25/01/12

we think that its sooooooooo sad ps we are only 10

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